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Installing Windows Server On HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 Using Bootable USB Stick

 Hi Everyone,

Some times ago i made a tutorial about Installing Windows Server On HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 Using USB Stick in my other blog post. But it seems like some of us couldn't boot into newest operation system to date, including me. In my case, i was trying to install Windows Server 2012 as internal DNS server and active directory but the HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 couldn't read my .iso file. It also happened when i plugged in windows server 2016. The server couldn't read either .iso file or bootable USB. 

After doing some research i finally found an alternative way to install windows server on HP Proliant DL360p. It's actually applicable for another operating system too, like linux distros, in example. But in this case, we are going through a tutorial on how to install Windows Server On HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 Using Bootable USB Stick.

Before we begin, there is something you should understand first. HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 comes with a device called array controller. Array controller is a device that handles multiple storage (hard drive or SSD) inside your server. It is able and could combine those multiple storage into one partiton. For example, you have 2 hard drive which has 1 TB volume each. These array controller could make these two hard drive readable as 2 TB hard drive. It is possible because array controller created something called an array. Before we begin to the first step, i would like to recommend you to read my another post about what is array and raid so you have a better understanding before setting up your server. But if you do understand it already, you may begin to get into the first step.

  1. First, make a bootable USB device. In this case, we are using windows server 2016.
  2. Put the USB into one of your server's USB.
  3. Later on, when the screen shows "Press <F8> to run the option ROM configuration for array utility..", press it.

  4. After that, you will be directed to this screen. Here, you should check if there's a RAID that already configured by selecting "View Logical Drive".

  5. The screen will show you if array is already set into RAID or not. If it's not, the screen will look like this one.

    That means, you should create an array first and assign what kind of RAID you wanna use before beginning to the next step. You can set up an array by following another tutorial of create and setup array for HP Proliant DL360p or using text UI like this post will cover.

  6. After you done, check the array by selecting again "View Logical Drive" same as step number 4. If it show your array of disk like this one, you are in the right step

  7. Later on, press enter to assign it so we can use this logical drive to install our desired OS.
  8. Finally, press Esc, and press F11 to select boot option. Choose "One Time Boot to USD drive key".