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Rename Odoo Service In Linux

Odoo has a default service name that runs once you finished install it. But if you willing to change and make it custom and private, you can follow the step below :

  1. Login as root 
  2. Type service odoo stop. Odoo means the default service name
  3. Go to /etc/odoo/
  4. Copy odoo.conf to /etc/ by typing cp odoo.conf /etc/odoo-server.conf 
  5. Remove odoo folder 
  6. Go to /etc/init.d
  7. Copy odoo service by type in cp odoo odoo-server
  8. Remove odoo service by typing rm odoo
  9. Open odoo-server by tryping nano odoo-server
  10. Change CONFIG from this : 
  11. Then type in systemctl daemon-reload
  12. Replace ExecStart from this :

  13. Open odoo server by typing nano odoo-server

  14. Copy odoo.service to odoo-server by typing cp odoo.service odoo-server

  15. Go to /lib/systemd/system

  16. Restart server. odoo now should be started with new name under odoo-server than odoo