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Create And Setup Array For HP Server Proliant DL360p Gen 8

As i wrote a brief explanation about RAID and Array Controllers, you might want to know how to configure and setup array for HP Server Proliant DL360p Gen 8. As i mentioned before in that post,  Array controller is a device that handles multiple storage (hard drive or SSD) inside your server. It is able and could combine multiple storage into one logical partiton.

Now in this post, we are going to cover how to Create And Setup Array For HP Server Proliant DL360p Gen 8.

  1. First thing first, turn on your server.
  2. Wait for awhile, and watch your monitor until HP Intelligence Provisioning message appear. If it does, press F5.
  3. After that, wait for the server to detect and scan any kind of network devices.
  4. Then, select perform maintenance.
  5. Select HP Smart Storage Administrator (SSA).

  6. Select Array Controllers. In actions section, select configure.

  7. After that, Create Array.

  8. Select which architecture of disk you want to implement. If you couldn't decide which one, head over to my other post about an explanation to RAID and array controllers. 

  9. Then, select all disk that you willing to merge into one.

  10. Restart server, and you can begin to install your operating system. You can install operating system in Proliant DL360p Gen 8 via BIOS or HP Intelligence Provision.