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Installing Windows Server On HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 Using USB Stick

About few days ago i did installing windows server on HP Proliant DL360p for remote and CCTV backup necessity. First i create a bootable flash drive and try to boot manually to server but unfortunately it doesn't work. Until then i figure out about HP Intelligent Provisioning and boot my USB through there.

Based on HP's official websiteIntelligent Provisioning is a Single-Server deployment tool embedded in ProLiant servers and HPE Synergy compute modules. Intelligent Provisioning simplifies server Setup, providing a reliable and consistent way to deploy servers.

Update 8 Mar 2021 : In some occasions, HP Proliant DL360p cannot recognize the .iso or bootable OS especially for windows server 2012 and above. I made another tutorials about Installing Windows Server On HP Proliant DL360p Gen8 Using Bootable USB Stick in case this step are also not applicable for you. 

So here's how i make it installed on my machine :

  1. First thing first, make sure that you already deploy windows image on your USB stick. Or you can just simply put your .iso files inside it.
  2. Later on, restart the machine and press F10 when prompted to boot into HP Intelligent Provisioning.
  3. After that, select configure and install. These screen will show on your monitor and all you need to do is fill these required field with any configuration that gonna suit your server.

    Hardware Settings

  4. Next, select operating system family. In this case we are going to install windows server. Select source media using USB stick and click next.

    OS Selection

  5. Then, select the installation source by locating your usb stick first. If you create it as a bootable, you can just get into the directory and proceed to the next step. It also works if you are using .iso files by just selecting it.

    Locating USB or ISO files

  6. Again, fill the information about what OS version that you willing to install as picture below. If you done with that, click next.

    Selecting OS Version

  7. After that, you need to verify and check your configuration before installing. If it's suit you, then proceed to the next step to install

    Verifying Settings

  8. Now installation is on progress, all you need to do now is wait for about 20 minutes until it's done.