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Automatically Tweet Blogger Post To Your Twitter

More traffic, more money.
That's some of us may think about doing blog. We keep posting every week, or even every day to create a content that hopefully help everyone to fill their needs, or even solving their problem.

By doing so, little by little, we attract more people to come to our site. Which means, more people will see placed ads on our blog. As the first paragraph said, "More traffic, more money".

Some of us may wanna unlock it to the full potential, so we can get more organic and real traffic that will come to our blog. So many things we can try, and one of them are making our blog accessible from twitter. It's sounds easy, by just clicking "share to tweet" the blog post we made. It will surely fix the problem. But, what if we willing to make, lets say 10 post everyday? Of course we can clicking one of those, but it's gonna buy us time.

I have solution for that.

It's a free tool called IFTTT.

It will help you tweet your post automatically.
It works even if you schedule your blog to post in a specific time.


First, create an account. You can use your facebook or google account so you don't need to fill information on that.

After that, you will be directed to an explore page.

Now, type in "Blogger To Twitter". There will appear some result and select "Blogger To Twitter" by williamquinterogolf.

Switch these button to connect, and then the page will direct you to both your blogger and twitter to log in first, and they will ask you for permission. Allow both.

Now, try to post from your blog and check your tweet!