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Very Simple Way To Restore Odoo Database Via Web Interface

If you are willing to restore the odoo database, or, moving to another server, it can be done by restoring a zip file that you are already keep from backing up the database. The step is pretty easy, you just have to go to yourServerIP:8068/web/database/manager and do a restore there.  For example, the address is If you successfully access that, this database manager will show up. Click on Restore Database.

Odoo database manager menu

After that, fill in the information as you need to. You can refer to the numbered list below to see the details.

Restore Database
  1. Master Password, can be obtained or set inside odoo.conf file. in my case, it's in /etc/odoo-server.conf and directory may vary but the default value mostly in /etc/odoo/
  2. File, is the .zip formatted file that you obtained after backing up the database
  3. Database Name, as it says, it will be your database name
  4. Leave other settings as picture above and then click continue to restore
  5. Wait around 5-20 minutes depending how big your database is. After that, you can open your database and login as usual.