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Error : WARNING ? odoo.service.server: Thread virtual real time limit (168/120s) reached.

Error : WARNING ? odoo.service.server: Thread <Thread(odoo.service.http.request.139848609249024, started 139848609249024)> virtual real time limit (168/120s) reached.

This kind of message will appear when you are trying to restore a database of odoo using web interface. It's error caused because in the middle time of process, it cut out because limit are set inside the odoo.conf. So, to be able to proceed, you need to change limit-time-real  inside your odoo.conf file. To be clear about limit-time-real you can refer to this link to find out.

Error Message - Source : towardsdatascience

How to fix the problem?

  1. Login to linux as root
  2. Head to your odoo.conf file, in this case in /etc/odoo-server.conf
  3. Change the limit-time-real value. You may need to reconfigure it as much as you need by testing every number you put in, the default value is 120
  4. CTRL + X and Y to save the configuration
  5. Get back to what you doing in the first place to test. If it doesn't work, increase it's value, save, and do it until it's done. In my case, i have 5GB of odoo .zip backup file including filestore. My limit_time_real configuration are set to 10000 instead and then i'm able to restore my database.
Reference : stackoverflow