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Generate Barcode in Odoo Using Barcode Generator

I came across a problem when i try to create my own barcode. Since odoo doesn't provide a way to generate barcode for master product, this is a problem for me. After doing some research on google, i found a way to make it happen using a module called product barcode generator by softhealer. It's really good module, which allow me to customise what format that i will use.

Product Barcode Generator

How to generate barcode in odoo?

  1. To be able to install it, you should download it first. 
  2. Later on, extract this module and put this under your odoo custom module file. by default, it's in /odoo/custom folder
  3. Restart odoo by typing service odoo restart or restart server instead
  4. After that, open odoo through browser and activate developer mode by heading to settings > activate developer mode on the right bottom of screen
  5. Go to apps, find product barcode generator, and install. Wait for the moment
  6. Your product barcode scanner is installed, but to be able to use it you should set the accessibility to certain user because this module is not allowed all user to generate barcode. You should head to user and select who will you give authorise to generate it. After selecting scroll, scroll to bottom of the page and tick barcode generator. your selected user are now able to generate barcode through master product