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EPSON TM-T88V Setup Using USB Printing

I have a trouble with my TM-T88V's ethernet printing. It's sometimes disconnected by itself and resulting the receipt doesn't appear printing. It's kinda frustrating for me, and the way i fix it is quite simple by enabling USB printing and disabling the ethernet printing.

Epson TM-T88V Printer - Source :

So here's how i did it :
  1. Check behind your printer. There's a bolt that screwed on the left side. You have to open it first using screwdriver. It's an USB port that can be used for USB printing;
  2. Next, connect your PC to that printer;
  3. If your printer are previously connected using ethernet, disconnect it first and then turn off the printer;
  4. Press the feed button and turn on the printer at the same time and hold for at least five seconds. It will printing out a paper, which informing you that you are entering the selection mode;
  5. Here, you can see some option with numbers to it. The number represent the times you must press on the feed button. We are going to setup printing using USB which located in configuration number three, so we must press feed button 3 times repeatedly.

  6. The next setting leads you to specific setting options. Press the button 10 times.

  7. Then press number 2 by pressing two times;

  8. Now it should applying setting and saving the configuration. Try to test it by printing a receipt.