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Odoo Multi Currency Conversion

Selling products using different currency is possible using Odoo, but you must set it up at first. Here in example, we are using IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) as the main currency, and later on we need to set up US dollar so selling using US currency is possible.

Odoo Accounting - Source : odoo

Here's the step how to do that :
  1. From main dashboard, head to accounting menu;
  2. Click on configuration > currencies;
  3. Select your main currency (in this case, IDR);
  4. And then, select rates;

  5. Make sure that USD currency is available there. If not, you must create one as these following picture

  6. Later then, create new. Input rates that you would like to or based on the latest price rate, in this case, between USD and IDR. for now, we are agreed to set the rate 13,000 IDR per USD;

  7. The currency will later updated based on the latest date of rates you've already input;

  8. At the end, both of two currencies must looked like this :

  9. Now, it's time to create USD pricelist for all of the items. Head to Sales > Product > Pricelist;
  10. Create new one and give name of it, and tune the setting as the picture below;

  11. Try to create sales order, and select the pricelist using USD pricelist. The product will set the price based on the rate that we input before. Here's an example of it :