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Resizing Macbook Bootcamp Partition Without Formatting it All

Based on official apple forum here, resizing mac's bootcamp partition is possible. I did this before, and resizing partition is fully working. You can head to thread above, or follow these step below. I will make it as simple as possible.

bootcamp - source : apple support
  1. Backup every data in bootcamp partition first, i recommend to copy it to other computer or external drives;
  2. Create a space using diskutil (Disk Utility) in your mac, and create an empty spare by deleting unwanted partition or shrink your available partition so bootcamp will be able to expand;
  3. Restart mac and boot into bootcamp;
  4. After booting into bootcamp, download and install Mini Tool Partition. Then, open the program;
  5. Choose bootcamp partition, and select expand. It will now merge the available space to itself and you now may see it has more space than before;
  6. Save to apply setting, and restart computer to get job done.
Now try to check the partition of your bootcamp. It should be expanded.