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Fixing Printer is Not Showing in "Device And Printer" Windows 7

This problem occasionally happen when user are trying to printing pages but all of sudden current printer status showing offline. Here is how to fix it :

services.msc - source :
  1. Try to restart printer spooler first by pressing windows + R on your keyboard, and type in services.msc
  2. Later then, scroll until you find print spooler. 
  3. Select print spooler and in the left panel, click on restart.
That should fix the problem. But if it's still occurs, try following steps :
  1. Press windows logo on your keyboard, and then type in

    msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic
  2. That will show you windows diagnostic (windows troubleshooter). Then, follow the instruction appears since every computer has their own problem. This will help fixing related printer problem.