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Interrupt Kiosk Mode in Google Chrome

I was having a problem when i really need to set up our cashier printer when KIOSK mode is on. For information, KIOSK mode is a service that enabling full mode to do specific-purpose task with less step to do. In my case, we are using Odoo POS with KIOSK mode that will serve full-screen POS and automatic receipt printing. In my case, our printer are having a problem with the margin and i should have disable KIOSK in my browser shortcut to fix it.

For me, of course, this is taking times and decreasing effectiveness. I should exit the program, remove KIOSK command, fixing it, apply KIOSK, run my browser, and test it. If successful, congratulation. If not? well, i should repeat bolded step above!

KIOSK Mode in Chorme - Source : learningbydoingit

So, when in KIOSK mode, pressing CTRL + SHIFT + P is fixing my problem. The shortcut is showing printing options while in KIOSK mode, and i am able to configure my printer from it without doing bolded step above. That's quite solution, isn't it?