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Run A Retail Computer With Fullscreen Mode Using Kiosk on Google Chrome in Windows

I've been working in retail store since i was graduate from high school. From this moment i wrote this article, I've been working for four years and had many experience in how to customise computer to be able to work as retail computer, which means can be functionally work as cashier computer.

In my experience, cashier computer doesn't need any unnecessary feature to be running. Especially when you are using a software that runs through web. It has to be run just to completely processing payment from customer, and printing the receipt. That's the core work of cashier computer.

To make it happen, I did some research to optimise it and the solution was using google chrome and enable a kiosk mode. Kiosk mode is a feature that given by google to run a browser as fullscreen without toolbar and address bar. That will completely help cashier to proceed payment by only focusing on what actually appear on the screen. Kiosk mode also enable printer to run without cashier command it too. I mean, whenever cashier done processing payment, the printer will automatically print the receipt.

I did testing this with computer that runs windows operating system. I haven't tried linux or mac yet but when i do i'll drop some tutorial here on my blog.

So, to make it happen, make sure you already installed google chrome on your computer. And then, follow these steps below :
  1. On your Desktop, right click on Google Chrome shortcut icon. Then, select properties
  2. On the target bar, you can see where the actual chrome are located. All you need to do, is add
    --kiosk-printing --kiosk  "you website link" as the picture below :

    Enable Kiosk Mode
I am using as example. So when i open up the browser, it will automatically directed to with kiosk & kiosk printing enabled.