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Cancel Journal Entries in Odoo 12

Here is how to cancel journal entries in Odoo version 12 :
  1. First thing first, you must enter debug mode by adding ?debug in your URL. As example, your odoo site name is so you need to type in your browser address bar.
  2. After that, from dashboard enter apps module. In search bar, type cancel journal entries. This module is already available in Odoo, and in most cases it's not installed so we need to install it first.
  3. After that, head to accounting module > configuration > journal entries. Search your desired journal, and in advanced menu make sure to check allow cancelling entries. This will enable cancelling entries for that journal only. You can do that to other journal by doing the same, just make sure to enter debug mode first.
  4. Finally, you can cancel your entries that you desire.
Journal Entries Illustration - Source :

That is the way how to cancel journal entry in odoo version 12. If you need further information, you can watch our video below :