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Setup And Enable iLO (Integrated Lights Out) in HP Proliant Server

iLO (Integrated Lights Out) is a features that allows user to remote server by using configured IP, User Login, and passwords even the server itself is in the shutdown state. If you want to remotely working using iLO, you need to set it up first.

iLO (Integrated Lights Out) - Source :

How To Enable and Configure ILO 4?

  1. Before you turn on your server, make sure that Ethernet Cable with internet access is connected to your server. Look closely to the Ethernet Port, and you will see the iLO button. Press it, and the color lamp will be turned on.

  2. Turn on your server

  3. Wait until POST (Power on Self Test) has been finished, and you may see a message
    "iLO 4 standard press [F8] to configure"
  4. Proceed to press F8, and the system will take you to iLO interface settings.

  5. You need to set up network. If you are planning using static IP, then head to Network > DNS/DHCP, then change the DHCP enable to OFF.

  6. Now, open Network > NIC and TCP/IP. Change the IP, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway; 

  7. The network set up is done, next we need to set up user that we will use to login through iLO. By choosing user > add, we are adding a new user to iLO. Create a name and password, and then set the authority of this user. If you wish to have full access, then you must enable all Lights out privileges by choosing YES to all of it. press F10 to save.

  8. Save configuration by choosing File > Exit.

  9. Now, from another computer that will you use to remote login, you must be under the same network connection and then access the iLO through browser (Internet Explorer) by typing the IP of it.

  10. Login using the user and password that you have made.

  11. Select remote console, and click launch. It will launch the remote program called iLO integrated Remote Console.
And now you may connected to server remotely using iLO.

Notes : iLO software needs to be activated using full serial key to be able to boot until the desktop (fully boot into hard disk). It cannot proceed if serial key isn't filled. Tricks : If you willing not to purchase the serial key, you will still able to remotely using it like in full version. When iLO boot into OS, it will be disconnected. Just simply login using your iLO again and it will take you back to remote server.