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HP Proliant DL380p Gen 8 Unable To Boot From USB And How To Fix It

Hi everyone,
I was trying to boot from live CD/DVD to recover some lost password in Debian Server. I am trying using USB flash drive but the system won't boot at all. I haven't figured out how to fix it yet, but i have alternative solution except doing hp proliant boot from usb drive. We will make this server HP iLO boot from virtual device, such as .iso image file.

HP Proliant DL380p Gen 8 - Source
So, This is Alternative Way How To Boot From USB in HP Proliant DL380p Gen 8

  1. First, you need to enable iLO (Integrated Lights Out). If you haven't set it up, do not proceed to number two. You must do this and here is my previous post that will tell you how to

  2. After you set it up, open the iLO integrated remote console from remote computer. What are we trying to do is mounting the live CD/DVD which in .iso image via iLO, and then in the server we boot using CD/DVD that we previously mounted.

  3. After you open iLO integrated remote console, do login first. After login, select Virtual Device > image file. Now, select which .iso file that you wish to mount.

  4. Make sure the .iso is selected by selecting virtual device again and see that image file check box is checked. If it's checked, we are ready to go.

  5. Select Power switch, and select Momentary Process

  6. Now, wait until boot option appear and select Boot From CD/DVD. Now you may proceed to boot from your Live CD/DVD