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Reset BIOS and Startup Password on HP Proliant Server


This is how to reset BIOS and Startup Password on any HP Proliant Server. If you looking for how to remotely disable it (more likely using iLO, sorry, I haven't figured it out yet. This only could be done by having the physical access to the server itself.

Bios Locked - Source : HP Support

How To Reset Startup (Power On) Password on HP Proliant Server?

  1. First, we need to open up the case of the server. Make sure that server power is off;
    Server Overview
  2. Now look up at the maintenance switch in the mainboard. (view the red circle below);
    The Switches
  3. All we need to do is to toggle the switch number 5 to on position. This will override any password that has been made in BIOS.
  4. If You are also willing to reset NVRAM and CMOS settings, you need to toggle the switch number 6 to on position too. But this is just optional, if this is not necessary you can skip this step.
  5. Turn on your server, and wait until it tries to boot to hard drive. Soon, there will be a long text like this :
    "Maintenance switch detected in the On Position. The system is being default configured. This may take a few minutes..."
  6. You must wait until this text comes up :
    "Power off the server and toggle the maintenance switch to the off position" 
  7. Turn off your server and switch off the number 5 toggle (and number 6 too if you do step 4)
  8. Turn on your server. Now you should be able to make changes to BIOS