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How To Utilize and Choose RJ11 Connector Pin For Your Extension Phone

Phone extension is pretty essential especially in office space, despite it's a SOHO (Small Office Home Office) or a huge corporate scope because it helps user to communicate to each other.

To be functioning with each other phone extension, every phone needs to be connected regardless through IP (if they are using VoIP connection) or centralized PABX. When it comes to connection of a basic extension phone, we cannot depict it without a RJ11 port which is make it possible to connect the phone to each other.

I was confused when it comes to an RJ11 port at first, because it has two types. One with 2 pins, and another with 4 pins. After doing some research, actually there are two kinds of phone extension type, it's an analog and digital ones. Analog phones physically has two pins in it's socket, and digital has four. Now i understand why it has two kinds of port. But still, it makes me confused for the next essential step, which is on how can i connect both of this phone to each other. Turns out it was really simple and both of them still be able to be set using the same RJ11 Connector.

First, the two pins connector. This connector mainly used to connect the old analog phone. If you want to create a cable connection with this kind of port, you only need a two copper of the UTP cable that connect to each other and you are good to go. FYI, there are eight copper of cable inside an UTP cable, so if you want to deploy an analog phone, you can use single cable up for four phone.

Second, the four pins connector. This connector mainly used to connect the digitals. Digital phone has four pins in it's RJ11 socket, and if you are about to deploy this phone with UTP, you will only be able to create two digital phones.

We finally understand the basics, now we should understand several rules that makes this two kinds of port works. The analog connector (2 pins) is not only connects the analogs, but also digital phones. That said, if you put the 2 pins connector to digital, it will be working properly. The 2 pins can accept analog and digital phones properly.

But the 4 pins connector is a bit different. It cannot work on the analog phones that use 2 pins because it delivers different signal so it can only interpret the analog as its names says so. 4 pins only works on digital phones. Fortunately, it also works on analog phones but you have to disconnect the pin 1 and 4 (left it empty) so it only has pin 2 and 3 that connected to other side