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Set Up Seperate Odoo Server With Other Database in Linux

Hey, how are you?
I hope you are doing fine. Because i know you are kinda stressed out figuring out how to connect odoo to other database. Don't worry, i've been there and i am gonna make sure that i am the only one who having a headache haha.
Setting up odoo with seperate database is actually quite simple, but its kinda confusing for the first time. It happened to me. But after figuring out, it's not that hard. Odoo Team make it simple. Thanks to them.

So here is how to point your odoo server to other postgresql database :
  1. First, login as root;
  2. Type nano /etc/odoo-server.conf. if you are curious, its a .conf file where they set the main configuration stored;
  3. To connect your server, you need to edit these parameters. Please match it with your settings :

    db_host = assign this with your database IP
    db_password = type your database password here
    db_port = 5432 (this is defaul postgresql port)
    db_user = odoo (change this unless you use other account as database manager)
    db_filter = false
    http_interface = type your odoo server IP
    http_port = 8069

  • To save your configuration, press ctrl + x and then press y
  • Restart your computer or just simply restart odoo service by typing service odoo-server restart

  • Thank You Vionblog for kind of troubleshot step