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Check Log File In Linux Real Time

You don't really need linux log viewer to show linux event log. You can just jump into log folder, and open it. For example we are going to show odoo 12 log file so here's how :

logs illustration source :

  1. Open log folder by typing :

    cd /var/log/your_application_name

    as example, we are going to open odoo log file so the command is

    cd /var/log/odoo
  2.  Now there will be a log files of your application. You can just open and show what's inside by typing :

    nano the_file_name
  3. If you willing to check log realtime, you can type :

    tail -f the_file_name

    for example i open odoo-server.conf file then it should be :

    tail -f odoo-server.log
    And now, the realtime log will appear