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About Writer

Hello, My name is Altela Eleviansyah Pramardhika.
You can call me Aal. It's my nickname.


I started blogging on 2011 by my father's computer. I was in 8th grade, knowing less about basic HTML programming and such other tech-nerd thingy. I am not focused on writing content back then, I was trying to figure out what blogging is and how does things at here works. I learned so much about basic static & dynamic web, DNS, SEO optimisation and much more in my Junior High School Days. It was too early for my age, i know. I have less social contact back then so yeah, let me lock my room and do stuff.

Being inactive over 3 years, i decide to start writing again in grade 11. But then i never comeback to this blog because of activity that took almost my attention in real life for 2 years because of my late teen and early 20 progress. I got to prepare for exams, attend finals, graduate high school, balancing university while doing full-time job. That is surely took a lot of my time.

This blog contains every logs, troubleshoot, and tutorials that I've tried since my very first day of tinkering. Any tutorial's accuracy would probably in 80% will help you out from your tech struggle. This blog is gonna be my knowledge base because someday if i find out myself in tech struggle and i forget how to fix it, i am surely will comeback to this place and read my old documentation.

I will post some personal review too, which means my honest opinion about tech or stuff (also games) from my own perspective. Judging is one of my best ability so yeah, why not give it a shot then?

That's all.

Happy Tinkering.