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How You Should Place Your Odoo Module in Pycharm And Fix Unreadable Custom Addons Folder

Normally, after we run an Odoo development with pycharm, we can start to create something in that development environment. Call it a custom theme, or even a module, you name it. I once had a case where i want to create an odoo module, but the pycharm seems cannot accessing my custom place where i put all of my custom module while running an odoo-bin command from my terminal. Am I doing things wrong?

Odoo Module - Source : adiraja-integrasi

How You Should Put Your Custom Module Folder?

Well, honestly, it's up to you. It's actually a subjective things where to put it. In my case, i put the folder inside my project. My folder tree would be : 


To be obvious, my all_modules (which is literally all of my modules) is inside myfolder which is inside myfolder.

I put my modules exactly what You Did but odoo-bin can't run it.

You have to make sure to specify your custom module folder along with addons folder, which is a list of Default Odoo module. The command would be something like : 

python3 odoo-bin --addons-path addons,custom_folder/child_custom -r yourDBUsername -w yourDBPassword

Example : 

python3 odoo-bin --addons-path addons,custom/myfolder/ -r enterprise15 -w enterprise15