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General Tools That i Use to Help Me Doing My Work


This is basically not a tutorial of something. I just browsing over my chrome bookmark and see too much things that i keep. I kinda want to be "minimalistic" right now, by just keeping small things in my bookmark, which means i want to put all links that i access frequently.

Since this bookmark consist of website that really helps me few times back, i can't just simply delete it and move on. In some occasion, i need to do exactly the same things i did with that tools but i forgot what tools is that.

i forgor - source : knowyourmeme

so, i dedicate this post to keep all tools that i bookmarked, which means i will keep it updated along the way i work and learn new things.

IntoDNS - For checking DNS of your website, making sure it has access to Internet (if you build your self hosted server). - Pastebin that can run your code. Opensource! - For generating icon, especially when you build mobile apps in android or in my case, iOS app.

CocoaPods - A huge, literally huge dependency manager for iOS app.

Paint Code App : List of iPhone Screen - as it's says, this page is a list of iphone screen size. Good if you make a mobile app - For deciding a palette color of your app

Flatuicolors - Another good palette color web.

ColorZilla - As before, a good pallete color web for your app.

Temp Mail - Fake email to test your website's email service. Please use this for good purpose or else we are not friend.

Midtrans Sandbox - This is a midtrans payment gateway, BUT for testing purpose only. I mean, testing a payment method from your under-development website.

Cake Resume - A resume builder website.

Browse Fonts - Find a font for your computer or design, by google.

Jitbit - SSL Vulnereable checker for your website

whynopadlock - Checking your website, why there's no padlock on it

sslshopper - Another good SSL checker

That's all, for now.