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Odoo Cannot Change Technical Name Of A Field

Odoo studio made things easier. We are able to add a Field just by dragging whatever we want. Then, we can also delete the field that we don't really want to show or once we don't find it useful.

Odoo Studio - Source :

Once we installed odoo studio, we are able to maintain the view of our odoo. Addition can also be applied when we want to customize things. This is cool feature to be honest, but, there's something that really bugging me, it's that we cannot rename the field instantly using odoo studio. If you entering debug mode and activate odoo studio, you'll know that the custom name of studio should started using "x". In this example, i will create something called "status" which is a text that will contain string.

Custom "x_" Field Name

Once we saved the change, and go to status string. It indicates that field are named with x_studio_status. It's pretty good indicator, actually. But what if we only want to change it, for example, to x_status only like picture above?

Well, this post will talk about how to change odoo technical name of field.

  1. So first things first, you need to delete that created x_studio_status from odoo studio from your view.

  2. After that, still in debug mode, go to settings > technical > fields.
  3. Later on, type in "status" because we are willing to rename the name of it.
  4. I know i'm choosing the bad example by naming "status" since there's A LOT OF STATUS here. I'm sorry, but i don't want to get back, so, just scroll down until you find x_studio_status. There will be two x_studio_status here. Don't get confused, just select the product template instead of product ones because the product are set on odoo's product.product table inside database and cannot be changed unless via product.template.

  5. You can change the name of the field name now. But you should remember that, whenever you created something using odoo studio, the name of your field will always be "x_studio_yourLabelName" and you cannot get rid those "x_".
  6. Save, head back to where you willing to create a field, and access odoo studio.
  7. After that, in the existing field on the left panel, scroll it down until you find your x_status. Drop it to your view, and you're done!