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Installing MySQL And Creating Database In It

I've been using MySQL since grade 12 in school. I was using it as final task to finish school which my main aim was creating a website. 4 years has passed (2016-2020) and i still consider MySQL as alternative to use in my professional field.

Installing MySQL was quite easy. Mostly every linux already contain MySQL in every version and we can just install it right away. You can follow these steps to make it run in your server.

  1. First, as root user type in apt-get install mysql-server
  2. After that, a window will appear and all you need to do is select basic installation with "MySQL Server & Cluster" as picture below

  3. Later on, wait until it finished
  4. Then, we can begin to create user that eligible to be an administrator of the database as picture below. As you see, "administrator@localhost" means creating user named "administrator" and "identified by" means your password to login using administrator account.

  5. After creating user, we can try to log in to that created user by typing "mysql -u administrator -p" without mark, then type in your password to login. Later on, begin creating the database by following these step in picture below. As educational purpose, i just created a database name "training"

  6. You can try to see what's inside these database by typing "use dbname" which in this case are "use training"