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Change Odoo Enterprise ERP Expiration Date

It's me again. Of course, still me.

So in few months back (around 7 months ago) we had a problem that our server were actually almost expire.

Image result for database expire"
Database Expire - Source :

If you willingly to see where is the expiry date, you can follow these step below :

  1. From main menu, head to settings;
  2. Technical;
  3. System Parameters;
  4. Type in "database.expiration_date"
There is where you gonna see the database expiration date.
More info :

And if your database already expired (greyed out) and willing to unlock it, just open your ERP using google chrome and do some inspect element. Use an element selector to select the part of the website. Just sort the greyed out part, and remove blocking html code by deleting it from source code, and follow step above to "view" your expiration date.