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Setup L2TP IPSec In MikroTik

  1. First, login to your mikroTik routerboard. Then, head to PPP > L2TP Server;

  2. And then make settings as picture below;

  3. Now we need to create a profile to connect to this L2TP server. Head to PPP > Profiles > add new. Fill the configuration as image below, and set the DNS Server to your DNS.

  4. Next, head back to Interface > L2TP Server and change the default profile to a profile that previously made in step number three.

  5. Later then, go to PPP > Secrets > Add New. This will create user to connect to this mikrotik so accessing internal network from external network is going possible. Make the settings as the image below. Enter Local Address with the gateway of your internal connection, and Remote address is going to be an internal IP for this user as he connected from outside network.

  6.  It's done. Now try to connect it from external computer