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Odoo Takes Too Long Time To Validate

Hi Everyone, welcome here.
I was having an issue when i tried to validate (pick and pack) process, it took so long time to validate. It ended up validated but i've been waiting 10 minutes for it do so. It's kinda irritating for me so i search the solution in google but unfortunately nobody has the solution.

loading illustration - source:

After doing some research and so much assumption, finally i fix it. Here in my case, the problem is that when it tried to validate stock picking, the products has multiple stock quants. These multiple quants are making the postgresql "confused" about where exactly to write (update) the record since it has different ids and that's makes the postgresql "Locks". 

Locks or Exclusive Locks or Write Locks prevent users from modifying a row or an entire table. Rows modified by UPDATE and DELETE are then exclusively locked automatically for the duration of the transaction. This prevents other users from changing the row until the transaction is either committed or rolled back.

So, to make it done i need to wait that locks to be done by itself OR kill the postgresql by typing

service postgresql@11-main restart

After that, i need to identify which product that has multiple stock quants. If you wonder how it looks like, it's exactly looked like this :

Multiple Stock Quant in Delivery Location

To fix this issue multiple stock quant issue,  you can refer to my other blog post here

Update 19/10/2020

Problem still persist until 2nd October 2020 and stopped after I extend the duration of timeout in Nginx.