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Macbook Cannot Connect To VPN

Connecting to your workplace using VPN is quite easy in your computer, especially in Macbook. But have you ever facing a problem, when everything was just right but suddenly it cannot connect perfectly as usual? You were trying to remember what was the last time you change the settings, but you remembered that you did not do anything to it.

So what is the actual problem here?

In my experience,
when i am using VPN to connect to my workplace, the order of my VPN connection itself isn't at the top of the list.

Connection List

You can try to fix it by open the system preference > network. As example here, my VPN connection named Central. I need to move it to the top order of this network list, by clicking on gear icon and select set service order. 

Set service order

Move it to the top, save settings, and try to reconnect again.

Set service order