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Keywords Everywhere Review

Keywords Everywhere is a browser addons that is used to search particular keyword and see the volume of it. It's so powerful and easy to use, and i recommend this tool especially for internet content writer that using wordpress or blogger, or any platform that depends on SEO optimisation since this tool will also help you to decide which keyword that is wise to use.

Now let's begin with the main feature. Once Keywords Everywhere is installed on your browser, try to search in google search. It will show you the search volume of how many users doing research using this keyword. For example here, i am typing "pewdiepie", It show me that every month, all users worldwide are using this keyboard which in total of 2,24 million volume search.

pewdiepie search volume
In the right side of my screen, i also have related keyword and volume of it.

Amazingly, Keywords Everywhere can save your keyword, making it as favourite by selecting star button on it. You can also manage every keywords you save and export it to excel and even to pdf file.

Another good feature is that you can analyze desired page, so you can make a research of keywords that used on that page. I am here anayzing for it's keywords. And here is the analysis of it :

It's very, very helpful for me to do some research before making a title of my blog post without doing more hard and advanced analytical using google trends. If you willingly install it, here is the extension link of it.

I personally give it Four Point Eight out of Five score (4,8/5)