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Mount iLO Folder in Linux

Here is how to mount a folder to your server HP iLO :

iLO logo. Source :

  1. Start iLO, and then click virtual drives;
  2. After that, select folder and choose your desired folder that you want to mount;
  3. Your desired folder will be tagged as sda, sdb, sdc, and so on. You need to identify it by seeing what appears on the screen. if you see it as sda, then your folder is inside sda.
  4. Now, you need to mount it typing :

    mount /dev/sda /mnt/
  5. Later on, get inside /mnt directory by typing cd /mnt
  6. Type ls and now you are able to see your file
  7. Now you can see your folder is mounted in /mnt. It will always be read only, and cannot be write.