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NGINX 502 Bad Gateway Keep Showing Error When Installing Wordpress

What's The Problem?

I got this confusing moment when i tried to install PHP7 in Linux Debian 9. The php itself did running, but NGINX still can't run it. After figuring out, the problem is because of php-fpm is not installed.

What exactly PHP-FPM is?

If you willingly want to know what php-fpm is and what it does, you can see the detailed explanation here. For short explanation, php-fpm is a component of php that allows the website to handle high loads.

How to figured out it is installed or not?

You can try to type :

service php7.0-fpm status

If the service says : service could not be found, then that is the problem.

What Should I Do Then?

Try to install it by typing :

apt-get install php7.0-fpm