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Install Odoo 12 Community Version in Debian 9 Stretch

Hello everyone,
After struggling for 3 days, finally i found the way how to install Odoo version 12 in linux Debian 9 Stretch. It is better to install the community version, though, rather than trying to install odoo enterprise crack, since it is not available.

Installing Odoo was easy, but if your linux isn't met the dependencies, that's the problem.
But don't worry, we will figure out how to fix it one by one, because i have been struggling for three days fixing Odoo's missing dependencies. So Here's how to install it :

  1. Login to root user by typing su - root;
  2. Lets make sure that our server is up to date by typing
    apt-get install update && apt-get install upgrade -y
  3. First we need to install postgresql as database by typing apt-get install postgresql -y
  4. Now, download nightly odoo version 12 community by typing wget
  5. After downloading, install odoo 12 package by typing dpkg -i odoo_12.0.latest_all.deb
  6. Error messages? Yeah, that's what i am talking about. In my case, the most common problem is i have to deal with missing dependencies of Python3. I need to install almost all package of Python and drain me a lot of time. But don't worry, i have the tutorial how to fix odoo python3 missing dependencies. Go ahead and take a look how to.
  7. After you install the missing dependencies, try to install odoo again by typing the same command as step number 5
  8. Now odoo should have installed. To Prove it, open browser and type:
    youripaddress:8069 or localhost:8069
  9. It's not done yet, now we need to install Wkhtmltopdf, it's a package that will be used to print report document. You must download it first by typing : wget
  10. Now install it by typing : dpkg -i wkhtmltox_0.12.5–1.stretch_amd64.deb
That's it,
Now Odoo Server is running and ready to be operational.