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Windows Server 2008 R2 Freeze When Add, Edit And Delete User

Today I was curious about creating or deleting user account using local user settings in Windows Server 2008 R2 whilst the server itself has Active Directory (AD), which is controlling the user inside the domain and being the server domain at once.

Firstly i add user into user account like it was normal computer (i mean pretending it as local client) by using user account menu. But suddenly it's freezes. The window of user account becomes not responding, and it stopped working. Then i try to add user using local user account too, which ended up freezing. The account i created and removed before is gone missing too. I am getting curious and decided to figuring out what actually happen in my server.

What Happen? Why does My Server Freezes?

After discovering it all, it came to a conclusion that domain controllers actually don't have local accounts and local admins. All account is counted as domain accounts, and also all groups are counted as domain groups.

So Where is the Local User Gone to?

In my assumption, when server becomes domain controller the local accounts escalating itself as Active Directory Account. For example, the Administrator account was able to administratively control everything in server. When domain controller activated, it is now escalated to Domain Administrator account, which is able to control the entire domain and every user or groups of it. So when it comes to our mind that we need to add, edit, or disable (manage) previous local user, we must do it via Active Directory Tools, which includes the groups that grant administrative access on the domain controller or else it will be freeze like my case before.