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Disable All Windows Update Permanently

Updating windows is a must because it will prevent any harm or illegal access to your computer and improving security. But it's kinda sucks when you really have a job to do and the windows tells you to update it just at that exact time, plus it cannot be cancelled or postponed. It will keep running until the update is done. Pretty annoying, right?

So when it comes to a windows update, i used to disable it so it wont took long time to load, until the desktop appears. Honestly i don't like the concept of force-updateing like in these present windows because as i mentioned above it will reduce my productivity and taking so much of my time.

How to permanently disable windows update. 

Follow the instruction based on what windows version you are using in information below.

Windows Update - Source : How To Geek 
Windows 7 & 8
  1. Open up windows update in windows search;
  2. In the left panel, select change setting;
  3. Change install updates automatically (recommended) to never check for updates (not recommended);

Windows 10
Unfortunately there is no option to make it disabled. Kinda sucks, right?
But don't worry, there's plenty way to Rome.
  1. Press Windows Logo + R on your keyboard;
  2. Type services.msc;
  3. Scroll down until you find windows update;
  4. In the dropdown, select disabled and stop services to stop on going updates.

It's actually done this far, but..
If you really hate it so much then you can make the update button to be greyed out. This is how to do it :
  1. Press Windows Logo + R on your keyboard;
  2. Type gpedit.msc;
  3. Head to Administrative Template > Windows Component > Windows Update;
  4. Select remove access to use all windows update features;
  5. Make it enable.